Westminster Presbyterian Church
is Pleased to Host this Gift to the Community

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Doors Open at 6:30 pm and Tales / Stories Begin at 7:00pm

*** Featuring ***

Ken Grant grew up in Louisiana and enjoys bringing native flavor to his stories. Now living in Wake Forest, Ken is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, having served nearly 21 years in service to our country, which gives him rich fields for his new careers as a Public Speaker and Storyteller. Ken says that the main advantage of doing stupid things when you are young is that you have great stories when you get old and with a background of adventurous jobs before the Army, including riverboat deckhand and pipeline laborer, Ken tells his "There I was stories," allowing the audience unique opportunities to decide where he departs reality. Ken placed second in the Bold-Faced Liars' Showdown in 2016 with a story from his riverboat days.

Rebekah O'Connell calls Raleigh home. A North Carolina native, she made her career in the non-profit world as a financial educator teaching hundreds of classes throughout the Carolinas. She now enjoys the lighter side of life as a storyteller. Rebekah says she inherited story telling from her father whose talent to tell a joke was legendary. She has recently appeared on stage at the 2016 Bold-Faced Liars' Showdown and on Bynum Country Store Front Porch. Today, she pays homage to her father's legacy with her family tales and original stories.

Robin Kitson has entertained and delighted audiences at The Front Porch previously and is a returning favorite. She grew up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans where stories roll down the river clothed in fog. Now living in Raleigh, NC, she shares motivational tales from first hand experience and often has folks rolling in the aisle while learning about life in the land of the Cajuns or her days living in a tin house overseas. Rumors about Robin retiring in Florida have been proven false as she has come home and has retired locally to Storytelling.

Mr John Dambold, Emcee

This is a Family Event but no child care is provided. Children should bring their listening ears.
Admission is one smile per person.
A program by folks who love to share their stories and
Westminster Presbyterian Church
301 E. Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27608

mid-way between Glenwood Ave @ Five Points and Snoopy's on Wake Forest Rd

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