Sola Coffee Cafe
is Pleased to Host this Gift to the Community

July 23, 2015

Tales / Stories Begin at 7:00pm
*** Featuring ***

Sam Pearsall retired in January 2013 after serving 35 years as an ecologist; working with conservation organizations in Maine, Tennessee, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Now living in Raleigh, NC with his wife Linda, who has nicknamed him "The Help," Sam pursues his hobbies including traveling, storytelling, gardening, hand drumming, making fused glass, peddling, paddling, perambulating, and puttering. He does a lot of puttering! His stories are all true tales and tall tales. The former are all based on personal experiences, and so are the latter.

Rebekah O'Connell calls Raleigh home. A North Carolina native, she made her career in the non-profit world as a financial educator teaching hundreds of classes throughout the Carolinas. She now enjoys the lighter side of life as a storyteller. Rebekah says she inherited story telling from her father whose talent to tell a joke was legendary. Today, she pays homage to her father's legacy with her family tales and original stories.

Stephen Gillham will be telling stories as his character "Montana Jones." Steve has been a professional storytelling Santa Claus in the area for eleven years. Because of his love of storytelling he has created a series of memorable characters to entertain children and adults, extending his storytelling season from just December to year round. When Steve appears you may meet one of his many characters, Santa Claus, the explorer Montana Jones, Professor Edison Franklin "The Science Guy," or Dr. Egon Venkman investigator of ghosts and other paranormal happenings.

This is a Family Event but no child care is provided.
Children should bring their listening ears.

Admission is one smile per person.
Stories are always better when you are happy all over -
Patronize our Host, your tastebuds will smile as well!

A program by folks who love to share their stories and
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