Westminster Presbyterian Church
is Pleased to Host this Gift to the Community

Thursday, September 26, 2013

6:45pm Doors Open 7:00pm Tales / Stories Begin
*** Featuring ***

Henry Vogel
Henry Vogel is a regionally-renowned storyteller with a lively and energetic delivery. Henry tells original stories as well as traditional folk tales. He has a fondness for "noodlehead" stories, funny stories, and stories with a twist. When the sun goes down, he can just as easily call forth ghosts and ghouls from the flickering light of a campfire. Henry has participated in numerous local storytelling festivals, including the Perry Library Storyfest in Henderson, NC, the Wake County Storytelling Festival, and is well know at Halloween Festivals around the region.

Drew Bridges
Drew Bridges describes himself as an "early career storyteller." He is well known around the Wake Forest area, having performed at charity events and at local events including Herbfest and Christmas Week Events. Drew loves the spoken word, a more personal form of entertainment for today's multimedia whiz-bang technology world. His stories include original works and some taken from folk tales.

Gale Buck
Calling Raleigh home, Gale was proclaimed to be a storyteller by Santa and does all he can to live up to the honor. With over thirty years of telling experience and a library of over 200 original stories Gale will help you find the magic in your life and the true Magic of Christmas in Everyday.

This is a Family Event but no child care is provided, children should not be disruptive.
Admission is one smile per person.
A program by folks who love to share their stories and
Westminster Presbyterian Church
301 E. Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27608

mid-way between Glenwood Ave @ Five Points and Snoopy's on Wake Forest Rd

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